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Update 24 Sept 2020    -  staffing and telephone issues  

Due to unforseen staffing problems we are limiting calls to urgent only.  We apologise for this and hope to return to normal circumstances as soon as possible.   

Unfortunately we are also experiencing ongoing intermittent faults with our telephone system.  We are in contact with our supplier to try to resolve these as quickly as possible.    

We realise how frustrating this will be if you are trying to contact us and appreciate your understanding and co-operation.   Thank you.

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Flu vaccinations - Important information for patients

Your questions answered - as at 20 September

Please can we kindly request that you read this website information first

Note: we do not have information yet on venues or dates for the walkthrough hubs or for 2-5 year olds.   We also await information on dates for the community vaccination team visiting our housebound patients.

  1. You can also check the NHS Inform website where full information is given, including a guide to your eligibility and vaccination arrangements
  2. If you have issues finding relevant information, please only then, call the NHS Inform Helpline 0800 22 44 88
  3. Please only call the practice if all other options have failed to provide assistance as we will, in the first instance, direct you to them.

We will keep our website up to date with any changes.

Thank you for your cooperation

Who should get a flu vaccine?

Am I eligible for a free flu vaccine?

These groups are eligible for the flu vaccine this year:

  • all primary school children
  • children aged 2 to 5 (children aged 2 on 1 September 2020 and not yet in school)
  • anyone aged 65 and over as at 31 March 2021
  • anyone aged 55 - 64 
  • anyone aged 18-64 in clinical risk groups
  • those living with people who were shielding during lockdown
  • pregnant women
  • healthcare workers
  • unpaid and young carers
  • social care workers who provide direct personal care

Where can I get a flu vaccine if I’m not eligible for a free one?

You can pay for a flu vaccination at many community pharmacies.

Why should I get a flu vaccine?

With COVID-19 around it’s more important than ever to get the flu vaccine.

Flu is serious. Getting the vaccine will protect you, others and the NHS.

Getting your flu vaccine

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and the need to keep physical distancing means it is not possible for GP practices to give flu vaccines to everyone that should get one.

In Edinburgh, flu hubs are being set up around the city to give flu vaccines to all eligible people over the coming months.  The flu hubs are being run by a central team.  Doing this will allow as many patients as possible to be vaccinated, while making sure that physical distancing and hygiene standards can be maintained.

If you attend a GP or Nurse appointment in person during the flu vaccine season, you may be given a flu vaccine while you are in the practice, but you will not be able to make an appointment just to receive a flu vaccine.

What do I do if I’m over 65, aged 18-64 and in a clinical risk group, pregnant, a carer or living with someone who was shielding during lockdown?

You should attend a drive through hub to receive your flu vaccine. Read on to find all the information you need to know.

We are hoping there will also be walk through hubs and further information will be provided in due course.  We have been asked to advise that if you are able to get to the drive through clinic that you make this your first choice as this will be the most effective way to have your vaccination this year.

Please attend the Health Board organised sessions (drive through or walk through) if at all possible. If you cannot, you may have the option of receiving your flu vaccine at a local pharmacy.  Each pharmacy offering the service will have its own system but please be aware they may not have capacity or stock to carry out routine vaccinations.   They may be covering some or all of the following:  specific patient groups; mop up and top services; sessional vaccination clinics.  We do not hold the details about what each specific Pharmacy is able to provide.

To check what the clinical risk groups are go to Flu - clinical risk groups

What do I do if I’m 55-64?

If you are aged 55-64, and are not in any of the above categories, you will get a vaccine in a later phase of the programme. We will update this information as soon as all the details are confirmed.

What do I do if I have a child at primary school?

Most primary school age children will receive the flu vaccine at school. For more information visit Flu - primary school children

What do I do if I have a child who is 2, 3, 4, or 5?

Children aged 2-5 will get their flu vaccines at special hubs around the city. We will update this information as soon as the details are confirmed.  For more information visit Flu - children aged 2 - 5

What if I have any questions?

You can find more information about the flu vaccine process in Scotland at You can also call 0800 22 44 88.

Drive through hub information for Ladywell Medical Centre East

Younger Building  


Younger Building, Edinburgh Park, 3 Redheughs Avenue, Edinburgh, EH12 9RH

Who should use this site?

•           anyone aged 65 and over

•           anyone aged 18-64 in clinical risk groups

•           those living with people shielding

•           pregnant women

•           unpaid and young carers

Dates of drive through clinics

Saturday 24 October

Sunday 25 October

Saturday 31 October

Sunday 1 November

Saturday 7 November

Sunday 8 November

Saturday 14 November

Sunday 15 November

When should I attend?

You can attend on any of these dates. To help with queuing and traffic flow, we have allocated timeslots by surname.

You may not walk or attend on a bicycle.

Please come at the time next to the first letter of your surname. If there is more than one person in the car, come at the time allocated by the surname of the driver.



First letter of surname

9 - 10am

A – B

10 - 11am

C - D

11am - 12noon

E - H

12noon - 1pm

I – L

1 - 2.30pm

M – N

2.30 - 3.30pm

0 – R

3.30 - 4.30pm

S – U

4.30 - 5.30pm

V - Z


What should I do when I arrive?

·           arrive on time - please don’t come early

·           please come at the time set aside for the first initial of your surname. If more than one person in the car is getting a flu vaccine, come at the time for the driver’s surname

·           wear short sleeves if possible

·           have your sleeve rolled up by the time you get to the front of the queue

·           all eligible people from your household should come in the same car if possible

·           follow the signs

·           before you receive your flu vaccine, you will be asked some questions to check it’s safe for you to get the vaccine

·           please let us know if you’ve had a reaction to a vaccination in the past

·           turn off your engine if you think you might be sitting in the car for a while

·           you may have to wait in a queue, please be patient

·          after you have received your flu vaccine, please park in the spaces set aside and wait for 15 minutes before driving off. This is to make sure you don’t have an early reaction and that you’re safe to drive off afterwards

What else do I need to know?

·           you do not need to come to the first date available to you – there will be enough vaccines on any date you attend. To help with traffic flow, please think about coming on a later date in the programme if you can

·           if you feel unwell or have a temperature, do not come to the drive through site. Wait until you are well and attend at a later date

·           there are no toilet facilities available

·           the team giving the vaccinations are trained professionals who will be wearing protective clothing and equipment to protect both you and them

·           the systems we’ve put in place will get people vaccinated as safely and quickly as possible

·           if you feel unwell after receiving your flu vaccine, please let one of the team know as soon as possible

Patients who are housebound will receive their flu vaccination from the Community Vaccination Team, as in previous years.   We do not yet have a date for their attendance.

You may also receive your vaccination opportunistically if you receive a visit from one of the District Nursing Team or a GP.

If you have coronavirus symptoms

Please see the NHS Inform website for the most up to date guidance   CORONAVIRUS ADVICE

If you’ve developed symptoms (however mild), stay at home for 10 days from the start of your symptoms and arrange to be tested. Do not go to your GP, pharmacy or hospital. 

You should remain at home until you get the result of the test, and then follow the advice you will be given based on the result. 

Read the NHS Inform stay at home guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection.

When to get help

Only phone 111 if:

  • your symptoms worsen during home isolation, especially if you’re in a high or extremely high-risk group

  • breathlessness develops or worsens, particularly if you’re in a high or extremely high-risk group

  • your symptoms haven’t improved in 10 days

If you have a medical emergency, phone 999 and tell them you have coronavirus symptoms.

(Site updated 24/09/2020)
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